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Looking to the nexus between Indian Ocean World studies and global history of capitalism, the Indian Ocean in the Age of Empire seminar explores themes of economic activity and change in account of society, culture, institutions, and the state across the Indian Ocean littoral, such as the intellectual, cultural, material, and legal underpinnings of trans-regional mercantile relations; vernacular forms of capital accumulation and incorporation; and the manner in which these practices informed relations of gender, race, and identity across oceanic space. Hosting an exciting and varied list of speakers, including both established and early-career researchers, the seminar will be of interest to anyone concerned with Middle Eastern, South Asian, and East Africa studies, imperial history, global history, the history of capitalism, and more.

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The seminar is convened by Itamar Toussia Cohen, a DPhil student in History at Brasenose College, University of Oxford. Itamar's dissertation, tentatively titled "Imperial Offshore: Aden and the Infrastructure of Empire, 1817-1971" examines the port of Aden as prefiguring the infrastructural spaces of the modern offshore economy, with particular emphasis on the port's South Asian merchant communites.

The seminar is hosted by the Global History of Capitalism Project of the Oxford Centre for Global History, University of Oxford.


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